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Delivery order 11 Wechai Deutz 226B engine parts

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Delivery order 11  Wechai Deutz 226B engine parts 

 NO.Description Part number Qty
1Cylinder Liner1305668212 pcs
2O-Seal0115380512   pcs
3O-Seal0115380424   pcs
4Main   bearing121605697   pairs
5Thrust   ring121605352   pairs
6Con-rod   bolt1216707424   pcs
7Con-rod   bearing1302562512   pairs
8pitson122720906   pcs
9Set   of pist.rings1302234812   pcs
10Set   of pist.rings1302234912   pcs
11Set   of pist.rings1302235012   pcs
12piston   pin121523786   pcs
13Snap   ring1215139512   pcs
14Valve   seat intake1218820210   pcs 
15Valve   seat exhaust1218820110   pcs 
16Valve   guide1302687120   pcs
17Valve   guide1302687220   pcs
18Inlet   valve1215960612   pcs
19Exhaust   valve1215960812   pcs
20Lower   valve spring plate1302429310   pcs
21Outer   valve spring0122205110   pcs
22Inner   valve spring0122200910   pcs
23Spring   cap1216464510   pcs
24Valve   collet1216469820   pcs
25Valve   stem seal1302339120   pcs
26Cylind   head gasket1305991220   pcs
27Rocker   arm bracket121596306   pcs
28Push   rod121591944   pcs
29Rocker   arm122141038   pcs
30Nozzle   holder122701624   sets
31Oll   Cooler seat122731074   pcs
32Oll   Cooler130241285   pcs

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