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Delivery order 15 DCEC Cummins ISL engine parts

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Delivery order 15  DCEC Cummins ISL engine parts 

1Connecting rod bearing301676048 pcs
3liner with O ring380032824pcs
4Turbocharger 38004714pcs
5Overhaul kit38005586sets
7Lower gasket kit38023766sets
8cylinder liner380240612pcs
9liner kit380240724pcs
10Piston kit380256112sets
11piston ring380274712sets
12Water pump38034034pcs
13Water pump38036054pcs
14cylinder liner380370312pcs
15Piston kit380374212sets
16Upper gasket kit38048976sets
18Connecting rod   bearing392624436pcs
19Main bearing39459176sets
20Piston pin395054924pcs
21Connecting rod   bearing395956236pcs
23Oil pump39668401pc
24Exhaust valve 396963736pcs
25Intake valve 397072736pcs
27Oil pump40039504pcs
28Piston kit402494018sets
29Main bearing40251254sets
30cylinder liner40251646pcs
31Upper gasket kit40252716sets
33Upper gasket kit408937110sets
34Lower gasket kit40894784sets
35Water pump40896474pcs
36Upper gasket kit40897584pcs
37Lower gasket kit40898895sets
38Upper gasket kit40899783sets
39Lower gasket kit40899984sets
40Piston pin493104112pcs
41Valve guide493406396pcs
42Oil pump49395884pcs
43Oil pump49414644pcs
44Connecting rod bush494413736pcs
45Upper gasket kit49552294sets
46Lower gasket kit49552304sets
48Water pump49557064pcs

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