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  • Q Whart are the piston ring fuctions?

    1.Thermal conductivity
      The heat is conducted from piston ring to cylinder liner, and cooling the piston.
    2. Gas tightness
       Piston ring keep the seal between piston and cyliner,controlling the leakage gas. as soon as leakage gas, it will damage to piston and cylinder.
    3.  Controlled lube oil
       Piston ring can scraper the lube oil on the cylinder liner, if the lube oil surplus,these oil will enter into combustion chamber, it will result in carbon deposition.
    4. Supportive
       Piston ring diameter is smaller than cylinder inner diameter, and enter into piston groove,keep the stability to support piston and liner when engine is running.
  • Q What are the piston ring motions ?

    Piston ring is input the piston inner metal spring ring, which is classified into compression ring and oil ring. 
    The compression is to seal in combustible gas in combustion room;
    Oil ring is to scrape the surplus lube oil onto cylinder liner.
    Piston ring runs axial motion, radial motion and rotary motion,etc.
  • Q What is the diesel engine four matching?

    A The four matching refers to cylinder liner, piston, piston pin,piston ring, there fours parts are diesel engine core parts. This cylinder is dry liner.

    In addition,  some engine with wet cylinder,  so it is installed on cylinder seal ring, or O ring. so it is five matchings.
  • Q What is the A type plunger fuel injection pump component?

          The Plunger fuel injecton pump is made up of pump fuel mechanism,fuel supply adjusting mechanism a drive mechanism and pump body.
    1.   Pump fuel mechanism includes plunger,plunger barrel,upper and lower plunger seat,plunger spring (plunger couple) and delivery valve, delivery valve seat,lock.(delivery valve couple).
          The plunger adopts alloy steel material,the gap is 0.0015-0.0025mm. If the gap is large, it leads to leakage fuel and fuel pressure is lower;if the gap is small, it may stuck.
          Delivery valve couple is connecting to plunger couple,it run direct motion.
    2.  Fuel supply adjusting mechanism function is adjusting fuel supply volumn according to diesel engine controlled by governor. gear type and level type.
    3.  Dirve mechanism include camshaft and tappet. the camshaft is fixed up the bearing seat on the pump,the cam Qtys is the same as plunger.the camshaft is drived by crankshaft timing system, the tappet is fixed on inner pump body. In addition, in contain adjusting screw,locked nut,gasket, shaft, and inner and outer roller.
    4.  Pump body is basic part, all of parts is installed on pump body or inner. So the pump body have good intensity, stiffness.good seal.
  • Q How many types of fuel injection pump system? What are they?

    A According to the fuel pump drive type,  the fuel system is classified to mechanical fuel system and electrical fuel system.  

    Machincal fuel system includes
    (1)  In-line fuel pump,
    (2) VE fuel pump,  
    (3) Unit pump ( UPS)
    (4) PT fuel system.

    Electrical fuel system includes,
    (1) Electrical in-line fuel pump( intergated pump),  
    (2) Distributor injection pump( DIP),  Unit pump (EUP),  
    (3) Pump-injector system(UIS),
    (4) Vertical fuel pump with EGR(EIL+EGR),
    (5) Electrical Common Rail Direct Injection system(CRDI)

  • Q What are the reason of diesel engine black smoking?

    1.   Fuel system fault
          (1)  injecting fuel advance angle is wrong, large angle or small angle;
          (2)  plunger and delivery valve of injection pump are  carbon deposition, and block.
          (3)  fuel nozzle is breakdown, atomization is not fine, stunk,leakage and injecting pressure is small;
          (4)  fuel pump governor is problem; (5)  fuel supply is large.
    2.  Combustion system fault
          (1)  Compression presure is not enough,  piston top gap is large, valve oil seal is not good, and valve seat is too deep;
         (2)  valve gap is wrong;
          (3)  Cylinder head is carbon deposition
    3.   Intake system
         (1)  Air filter element is block;
         (2)  intake pipe pressure is not enough;
         (3)   intake gas temprature is higher;
         (4)   Turbocharger bearing is stunk., and shaft wears,
    4.  Exhaust system
         (1)  Silencer is broken;
        (2)   intake pipe pressure is problem
    5.    Fuel Quality is not good.
  • Q What are the fuel system components?

    A Mechanical fuel system include: fuel injection pump, fuel injector, high pressure fuel pipe, fuel transfer pump, fuel filter, etc.
    Electrical high pressure common rail fuel system include: fuel injection pump, fuel injector, high pressure fuel pipe, common rail pipe, fuel filter, ECU, sensors, Actuator, etc.
  • Q What are the diesel engine five main parts?

    A The diesel engine main five parts contain cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod.The diesel engine main five parts contain cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod.
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